RTM Services – K Rend

22 Mar 2017

RTM Services – K Rend

Now is the time for Exterior K Rendering!

Keeping it simple, external rendering is simply a coating that is applied to the outside walls of a building. This is done to provide a protective coating to the building, preventing rain from penetrating in. Exterior rendering doubles up as a nice decorative finish, enhancing the buildings appearance and aesthetic appeal.

Now is the time to start planning to use K Render!

But first, what is K render?

K Rendering is used for External wall installation (EWI) and different sand and cement finishes. This fantastic technology offers a high degree of water repellency to the render surface. However, it allows water vapour to also pass through the render, which allows the substrate to breathe. The render finished is more resistant to the growth of algae and lime bloom due it drier finish.

Innovative silicone technology you can trust

As the UK’s largest independent silicone render manufacturer, K Rend are market leaders and we’ll tell you exactly why.

Delivering an efficient water repellency system to the render surface, the innovative silicone technology by K render is a must have. With over 28 years experience, K rend has been offering an extensive range of high quality external silicone renders and finishes. The rendering is designed to reflect a natural finish whilst offering durability weatherproof coating. The creators of K-rend are committed to providing excellent and innovative products at the highest possible quality. At RTM services we can pass this high quality on to you.

Huge benefits of using K-render

Opting to use K-rend instead of other less durable products on the market comes with some hige benefits, including the following:

  • A surface that is water repellent
  • A finish that is completely low maintenance, requiring very little work from yourself
  • The structure can still breathe, ensuring no further problems are caused
  • The finish is natural looking – you can’t even tell the difference!
  • There is an extensive range of finishes and colours available to suit your needs

Extensive range of accolades

The K-rend comes with a few added bonuses. Firstly, all products carry the world premier symbol of trust, integrity and quality – the Kitemark license! K-rend also use a specialist team of Chemists in their state of the art facility, ensuring that the latest technology is used to develop products that match the changing needs of you, the customer.

As well as this, architects also opt for K Rend because they provide up to date and accurate information on the performance of their products. Finally, K Rend are also a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) ‘National Building Specification Plus’ system.

K rend sounds good – how can I get it installed?

At RTM services we provide a range of services, including outside wall rendering with the use of the specialist K rend. Contact our team today and we will provide you with guidance on how K rend can help you and your building! You can contact us on our free phone, 0800 955 8995, or on our contact page, here.

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