Penetrating Damp


Penetrating damp is considered as dampness that is not caused by Rising Damp and Condensation. This will enable direct rain penetration, faulty rainwater goods, faulty plumbing and lateral penetration below Damp Proof Course to be considered penetrating damp.

WIND can disrupt the fabric of your roof, it can carry leaves which can block gutters and downspouts, and it can drive rain into cracks and gaps around windows and the United Kingdom the south-westerly elevation of the buildings generally suffer the most from rain penetration because this the prevailing direction of the wind.

FROST and ice can cause damage to pointing, can spall the face of bricks leaving them porous and can crack renders. Flashings can become loose from frost attacking the pointing which they are embedded to. Frost action to one side of a chimney over many years can cause chimneys to lean by open up the pointing.

HEAT from the sun can cause blistering of felt roof fabric leading to penetration of rain. Shrinkage of window and door frames away from the brickwork can disturb sealants and allow later penetration of rain.

POOR BUILDING PRACTICE in the erection of extensions, garages, abutting walls, fences and new drives can add to a number of areas where rain penetration is likely.

POOR BUILDING MAINTENANCE in looking after the decoration and repainting of the outside fabric of a building can assist to rain penetration.

IGNORANCE of the damage caused by high flower beds, certain climbing plants, materials against walls cables running horizontally along walls, nails driven into walls can lead to unwittingly encourage rain penetration.

FAULTY PLUMBING Leaks in central heating systems, dripping stop valves, wastes sinks baths, which stop short of gullies, Drip from S and P Bends which all cause water to penetrate the fabric of the building. Continuous dripping from an over flow can cause splash up above damp proof course. Good maintenance can prevent all these problems.

LATERAL DAMP is penetration of damp in this case below ground level where the moisture is traveling horizontally through walls and ceilings. The penetration of damp can create isolated patches of moisture due to the failing of a tanking or membrane system in in a basement.

Above there are many different reasons to why penetrating damp can occur RTM Services can help you in all aspects of the above whether it’s our trusted tradesman or one of our most trusted sub-contractors in which we trust our plumbing, heating and roof work too!
When below ground level there are many options for different cement based tanking systems or membrane systems where we can create a specification to meet the requirements and can guide you from start to finish.

We issue 10 year guarantees on all basement works and more information will be provided with the report and estimate.

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