RTM Services are approved Contractor for damp course installation and timber treatment process and can issue 10-30 years protection scheme guarantees.


  1. The original Certificate of Guarantee, Approved Contractor survey report, Plan and Receipted Invoice (which documents form an essential part of the guarantee) must be produced and accompany any claim made under the guarantee.
  2. The Contractor shall have received payment in full for carrying out the original treatment work and the receipted must be produced.
  3. The Contractor must have used only preferred products in the treatment works.
  4. The treatment work must have been carried out in accordance with the Approved Contractor specification together with all recommendations contained therein. The property hall have at all times been kept in sound, waterproof condition and not modified or damaged as a result of, for example, building work, subsidence, flooding, poor quality repairs or inadequate maintenance.
  5. The original Client must have complied fully with the terms and conditions of the contract with the Approved Contractor, including re-plastering to the specification where appropriate (i.e. after damp proofing and dry rot treatments).
  6. The Guarantee excludes all joinery and other timbers fully or partly exposed to external weathering (e.g. window frames), or forming part of the external cladding of the building.
  7. In addition to the charge for the initial inspection visits specified overleaf, the insurance provider reserves the right to charge for laboratory fees, surveying expenses and exposure works prior to settlement of any claim. Such items to be refunded if the claim proves valid.
  8. The Guarantee is restricted to the areas originally treated and does not cover consequential loss or damage.

In the event of the above property changing ownership this Guarantee together with the Survey Report Plan, Receipted invoice should be given to the new owner or his/her Agent. The Contractor will honour such Guarantee provided these documents are produced when a claim is made. It is not necessary to inform the Contractor or the insurance provider of change of ownership.

The Contractor accepts no liability for any consequential loss or damage arising from the treatment work, for example, to furniture, plywood, plaster, carpets etc, beyond the retreatment of the affected areas or replacement of the damp proof course.

Please note that due to the biology of wood-boring insects, no inspections will be carried out during the residual fly-out period. Re-treatments will not be carried out under the terms of the guarantee unless fresh insect activity is found after expiry of the maximum fly-out period