Rising Damp

Rising damp is a seasonal effect, increasing in the winter with rising water tables and falling in summer. This seasonal effect must be taken into account in diagnosis since the problem could disappear in the summer months and return in winter.

Rising damp can be described as dampness resulting from water in the ground rising up through the masonry by capillary flow.


  1. A supply of water or saturated soil at the base of the wall
  2. A pore tube structure in the masonry comprising the wall
  3. Absence of a barrier (damp course) to upward movement of moisture


  • Damp patches or tide marks ruining interior decoration
  • Unhealthy living conditions
  • Increased heat losses
  • Hygroscopic salts causing staining and retaining moisture in the walls
  • Weakening of the fabric or structure of the building
  • Providing conditions suitable for fungal growth causing degeneration of timber


Depending on the circumstances RTM Services would remove any existing skirting’s and other surface timbers, hack off the infected plaster back to brick work by a minimum height of 1 meter and no less than 300mm pass the maximum level of dampness or salt.

We would then drill 12mm holes in the mortar at the base of the wall (normally 150mm or 2 course of bricks up at outside floor level) and inject a concentrated cream formula with no odour into the holes which will cure over a 2 week period to create an invisible impenetrable barrier to rising damp.

Depending on circumstances with internal and external floor levels there might also be the need for a cement based tanking system to be applied to the bottom of the wall up to the new damp proof course line!

Replastering can commence straight away by using a salt resident pre mix render call renovation render, this is used as a backing plaster to build out walls to their original depth. Renovation render is a great product that is full of water proofers and aggregates and being pre mixed render it reduces the risks of mechanically mixing by hand sand and cement.

A finishing coat plaster would then be applied to rendered walls to create a smooth finish.

Skirting’s if found to be sound would be refitted at no extra cost and your room(s) will be left clean and tidy.

30 year guarantees can be provided for all rising damp work please see guarantees for more information.

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