Damp: Affecting your health… and the potential sale of your house!

29 Sep 2016

Damp: Affecting your health… and the potential sale of your house!

Whatever you do – DO NOT ignore damp! Damp can cause serious damage, not only to the structure of your house, but to your health too.

There are three main types of damp:

  • Condensation damp: caused by moist air condensing on walls (very common in kitchens and bathrooms)
  • Penetrating damp: caused by water seeping / leaking through the walls
  • Rising damp: caused by ground water that moves up through a floor or wall

Many different things can cause damp, but home remedies are not always the best option! Any fixes that require the opening up of external cavity walls, or where the fitting of a new damp course is required, means it’s often best left to the qualified professionals.

Damp: scaring off homebuyers!

YouGov carried out a poll on behalf of Safeguard Europe to look at the effects of damp amongst homes and homebuyers. The results showed that 38 percent of people who were placing an offer on a house that they wanted to buy would withdraw their offer if it were found that the house had damp.

Some respondents said that they might be prepared to continue with their purchase, though they would expect a substantial discount in order to fix the damp issues that have arisen.


Out of the respondents, 48 percent stated they would expect a price reduction, with 18 percent expecting a staggering reduction in price, of 20 percent or more. Based on the average UK house price of £213,927 (June 2016), this would be an average reduction of more than £42,000!

With this being said, this effect would be more detrimental in areas where the average house price is much higher. For example, within inner London, the average house price is £574,915; 20 percent would result in a price reduction of around £115,000!

What can we learn from this?

In simple terms – fix damp BEFORE selling. It is clear that damp is an issue when buying a house; anyone would guess that. But the degree in which it can affect the purchasing decisions of homebuyers is staggering.

With so many individuals willing to walk away from the purchasing of a house, due to the effects of damp, this shows just how important it is to ensure your house is damp-free before you sell it. The idea that people want a reduction of thousands of pounds simply shows the amount of money that people perceive damp will cost to remove.

In reality, fixing damp problems isn’t too hard. Damp-proofing rods and damp-resistant plaster systems allow for damp to be fixed much easier these days. Fixing any damp issues before placing a property on the market is the best way to ensure you can maximise the sale price.

How damp can affect your health:

According to the NHS website, moulds produce allergens, irritants and, in some cases, toxic substances. If you inhale or touch mould spores that are present within your house, then this may cause allergic reactions or even an asthma attack! Damp can contribute to respiratory difficulties.

To best protect your health, we advise that you opt to book in with an experienced damp specialist to survey the damp, and provide you with accurate advice on resolving the issue. At RTM services, we offer a range of options to help you with damp in your home or office.

How can we help you?

Damp is quite common, with 49% of people having experienced problems around damp within a property they have lived in.
Whether you are concerned about missing out on a sale, or you simply want to ensure you protect your health as best as you can, we can help. We specialise in fixing condensation, penetrating and rising damp issues. We’ve been doing it for years – with hundreds of satisfied customers, past and present – so you can enjoy peace of mind that our quality of work will be un-matched.

We are always happy to offer free advice to help you decide what option is best to improve your home. Call us today on 0800 955 8995 or contact us here.



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