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22 Feb 2017

Seasonal condensation and how it can affect your house

What is condensation? Condensation occurs when water vapour in the air changes into water liquid. In other words, it is where the water in the air within your home comes into contact with a surface that is colder. This causes the water vapour to turn into its liquid form, known as condensing. This is why […]

22 Feb 2017

Ultrotherm: Everything you need to know to save on energy bills

What is ultrotherm? Ultrotherm is used on solid walls as an internal insulation system. With the use of Ultrotherm, walls can be insulated without having to make expensive modifications and adjustments to windows, covings, skirting boards and radiators. Although Ultrotherm is only 12mm thick, it will typically reduce the loss of heat through a 9-inch […]