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30 Nov 2016

Leaks in your home: everything you need to know

Burst pipes can be absolutely devastating no matter the size, shape or age of your house. With this being said, it’s also worth noting that they are one of the most common plumbing problems within homes across the country. Understanding why pipes burst can help you to prevent the problem, potentially saving you a great […]

19 Nov 2016

Its winter.. and that means Condensation!

What is condensation? If you’ve taken a cold canned drink out of the fridge before and noticed that there are droplets of water on the sides of the can, then you’ll have seen condensation face-to-face. This is all related to the air, temperature and water vapour. When air passes over the surface of the can, […]

3 Nov 2016

What are the causes of damp?

In our last article we looked at the affects of damp, where we discussed the three main ‘types: Condensation damp Penetrating damp Rising damp These are caused by differing environmental factors that change the condition of your homes structure. Some older houses are often very well ventilated; though once you begin to insulate them it […]