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29 Sep 2016

Damp: Affecting your health… and the potential sale of your house!

Whatever you do – DO NOT ignore damp! Damp can cause serious damage, not only to the structure of your house, but to your health too. There are three main types of damp: Condensation damp: caused by moist air condensing on walls (very common in kitchens and bathrooms) Penetrating damp: caused by water seeping / […]

17 Sep 2016

The dangers of woodworm in your home

Woodworm is a common problem in the UK, so we thought we’d put together a quick post about what it is, how it is caused and the damage that can be done. What is woodworm? Woodworm is the term used for the wood-eating larvae of different types of beetle species. Woodworm is also the generic […]

9 Sep 2016

Why we love artex!

Why we love artex The truth is, we don’t. Internal house finishes are changing and artex is becoming less popular as we move through the 21st century. Lets take a look at a few things. What is artex? Artex is a type of surface coating used for interior decorating. A brush or roller can be […]